Friday, November 9, 2018


We wanted to present something special during Niuean Language Week, because we have students cultures from Niue in Room 8. We read a play and then Milan’s family translated it into a song for us to sing as a class at assembly. We practised with Mr Caleb and we hope you enjoy our song.

Thursday, November 8, 2018

Partner Yoga

Room 8 learnt how to work together in an activity called ‘Partner Yoga’. Partner yoga is like doing normal yoga but with someone else. It was really awesome and fun.

Did you know that Room 8 was struggling a lot because some of these yoga poses were very hard to do?  Like what Dane and Kahukura are doing.

Dane and Kahukura
Heart pose

Written By: Alyssa Webster and Hope Leuta

Wednesday, November 7, 2018

Kumara Vine

Room 8 just did not know what to do for the Manaiakilani Film Festival 2018! 

Milan grows ideas with young leaders

Milan had another one of his great ideas. He said he would like to make a film about the Kumara Vine.

What’s that you ask? 

Kumara Vine is all about giving, student voice, student ideas, students of every year group, ideas for the make TPS better than it is already.

Not so long ago Milan was thinking, (he does this a lot). He came up with this idea about leadership...about how from Year 0-6 the students don't get to voice their ideas until Year 7 or 8. Once he had this concept, (idea)  he went about thinking more on how it could work at TPS. While he was thinking (see, he does this all the time) a song was playing on the radio by Marvin Gaye 'I heard it through the Grapevine'. More thinking happened and Milan exclaimed, "I know, I will call it the Kumara Vine!" And so the tuber (seed) was planted.

We all sat in a circle with an oversized piece of paper and a vivid to record our memories on how the Kumara Vine came to be, (this is called a brainstorm). Next we sorted the ideas into a sequence, (sorting our brainstorm ideas) Then we started to discuss orientation, characters, problem, (it started to sound like a narrative?) We wondered, “Hey, are we writing or making a movie?”

Next minute Ms Bracey said “Auckland, Milan!”

Well, the two of us and Jarrod were extremely busy, sorting out the narrative, scenery, sound, cinematography and editing. If that wasn’t enough we had issues with everything...narrative had to be altered, scenery changed and we had to go on a school wide hunt for props that had been put in storage and forgotten where they had been put! It was not all easy going either with, actors acting up, reshooting for sound quality, reshooting for film angles and wobbles, we wasted an entire day on editing because we didn’t have the latest version of iMovie! There was so much to do!

On reflection...

We learnt a lot, we laughed and had fun, we had to cooperate and listen to each other, make so many changes, but it was worth it.
We hope you think it is worth watching too.

"Talofa lava, my name is Auckland." "Fakalofa and kia ora,my name is Milan,  Room 8 made a film about the Kumara Vine." "Hey Auckland, what’s the Kumara Vine?""Kumara Vine is a way of creating young leaders in the making."  "Sit back, relax and enjoy the movie" (click on the play button).

Monday, November 5, 2018

Not American Football or Rippa Rugby!

For Term 4 Room 8 have Flag Football for Kiwisport. Flag Football is American Football and Rippa Rugby combined into one sport. In Flag Football we learn the skills of it. A few tips that we learned is Put your pointing finger on the white line and rest on the laces. When you throw the ball aim where you want to throw it. When you catch the ball make a rhombus (diamond) with your hands. When running make a peace sign with your fingers and the pointy side of the ball between it. After that put it on your chest and run.

Written by Auckland Faamita

Thursday, November 1, 2018


My minefield experience.

Before our writing assessment Room 8 played a game called ‘Minefield’. In this game you need to buddy up. The game is simple, all you needed to was dodge objects that were in your way; like desks , chairs and other classroom equipment. But the trick is you are blindfolded and your buddy need to instruct you! The main idea of this game is your listening and your teamwork. During my turn I was confused and I couldn’t hear my buddy due to the blindfold blocking my ears a
little. After a few attempts I finally crossed the minefield safely. By Jarrod

Friday, September 14, 2018

Earthquake House

WALT: Learning from each other, Learning with each other

On Wednesday it was tuakana teina day, tuakana teina means younger to older. Which means that a senior class has to buddy up with a junior class.

Firstly, Ms Fepuleai did the roll then she explained to us how our behaviour should look and sound like. She told us ways of how we were going to help our buddies from Room 3 keep up with our earthquake proof houses.

Secondly, we then had to walk down to Room 3 so we can start working on creating our earthquake proof houses. When we arrived in Room 3 we looked at a slide based on earthquakes, Ms Fepuleai wrote some of the rules we were going to be looking at while we were answering some of Miss Gormly's questions. We watched a video filled with different types of ideas of how we can make our basic house earthquake proof.

Thirdly,  we all went outside so Ms Fepuleai and Miss Gormly can put us into our groups. In my group was Savannah, Cheska, Tasi and myself. Our idea to make our basic house earthquake proof was to use four long rubber bands and nine red furry  bendy sticks ( Pipe Sticks ). After we finished making our basic house earthquake proof we had to go and tie it onto the playground then Miss Gormly tested it. 


Tuakana Teina with Room 3

On Wednesday the 20th of September
Room 8 went to our buddy class Room 3.

Firstly, Room 8 were talking with Mrs
Fepulea'i about the expected
behaviours around young children.
After Mrs Fepulea’i and Room 8 were
talking about the expected behaviours she
told Room 8 that we had to
line up behind me or Manaia so we
can go to Room 3.

Secondly, when Room 8 got to Room 3
we had to sit on the mat and look at
a google slide show that Miss Gormlie
created about earthquakes. A few seconds
later  Room 5,8 and 3 had to go outside so
Mrs Fepulea’i can sort out the groups, after
Mrs Fepulea’i sorted out the
groups she said that we had to go to a lady
to get a paper and pen for our plan.

Thirdly, after we planned our unbreakable
earthquake house we had to record us saying
what items we are going to use and where we
are going to put the items. A few minutes
later Miss Gormlie and Mrs Fepulea’i gave
the groups a milk box each to create
our earthquake proof house.

Finally, When we finished creating our
earthquake proof house we had to tell Miss
Gormlie that we were finished so she can
see if our houses were earthquake proof.  
When Miss Gormly finished shaking our
house on a cardboard she told us to pack up
the class. I enjoyed this activity because I
wanted to spend time with my buddys in
Room 3.

In conclusion, creating an earthquake
proof house was very much fun!