Thursday, August 30, 2018

Are you going toilet?

Room 8 students watched a video on how not to behave when you go to the school toilets. They turned it around into the positives of how students should behave as part of PB4L.

We brainstormed as a class and then Auckland took the class IPAD and students out to film.

Friday, August 17, 2018

Me, Myself and I

Auckland @ Tamaki Primary School · Post Me , myself & I Posting as Auckland
WALT: write a positive comment using google share.

In New Zealand there was a boy that loved to explore. He is 11 yrs old.
The boy wants to be an explorer but he is still in primary school.
One day the boy was sick of being told that he’s too young and weak to be a explorer.
Then he went to Rangitoto because Rangitoto is a volcano.
The boy read a nonfiction story that there was crystals and gems in a volcano.
Suddenly Rangitoto erupted.

Auckland, I liked how you used future tense.

Auckland, I liked the way you spelt everything correctly.
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Practising posting positive comments

WALT: Practising posting positive comments using google 

I am a 10 year old kid that likes to explore, I love to go on
adventures around the world so I know what is happening, but I have enmity issues like a vomiting volcano. I go on mystery adventures
when the sun is out. I love to explore around any volcano like Mount

Alyssa, I really like the way you wrote a simile describing the  character

Spewing lava and molten rocks.

WALT: Practising posting positive comments using google share.
 Introduction. In New Zealand there was a boy that likes to develop facts about a volcano on a island called Rangitoto At the moment I was a scientist but he wished that he could go on a ferry to Rangitoto Island But he is scared of his boss.
But one day his boss told him to go home because he said he was sick but he lied.
Then the scientist went on a ferry to Rangitoto but the volcano started spewing out lava and massive rocks.
 Who? The character is me,myself and I.
What? The volcano started spewing out lava and massive rocks.
Where? It was at Rangitoto Island. When? It was to day.
Why? Because the temperature of the volcano was to high so it spewed out massive rocks and lava. Vaka, I really like the way you have remembered to do the three key elements in the introduction of a narrative and put in bold and to do the 5 W’s Rawiri

My bad temper

Practicing posting
Positive comments
Using google share

A few days ago I heard that Rangitoto Island was going to erupt. But it is dormant right now,
I would like to explore Rangitoto Island. I kind of have a bad temper that’s why I like
volcanoes,it explodes with anger like my temper.

5 W’s
When:A few days ago.
Where:Rangitoto Island

Why:Bad temper like volcanos

Thursday, August 16, 2018

Tidy number maths strategy

WALT: To add tidy numbers.
Image result for +
300+798=1098                300+700=1000+90=1090+8=1098

A clue is the zero.


WALT:Using tidy numbers they usually end with a zero (0)

For example: 124+287=411

  Tidy number (100+200)+(80+20)+(4+7)=411