Thursday, August 16, 2018

Samoan planets in colour by Auckland

Image result for Sun
The sun is yellow. -
Le la e samasama
Image result for mercury
Mercury is brown. -
Mercury e lanu ena ena.
Image result for venus
Venus is red. -
Venus e mumu.
Image result for earth
The earth is blue , green and white. - O le lalolagi
e lanu moana ,
lanu mea mata ma pa’e pa’e.
Image result for mars
Mars is the red planet. - Mars o le paneta mumu.
Image result for jupiter
Jupiter is light brown ,
blue and white. -
Jupiter o le
lanu ena ena,
lanumoana ma paʻepaʻe.
Image result for saturn
Saturn is light brown. - Saturn o le lanu ena ena.
Image result for uranus
Uranus is light blue. -
Uranus e lanu moana

Image result for neptune
Neptune is dark blue. - Neptune e l
anu moana uliuli.

Learning to spike

Our own pepeha's by Aeisha

All room 8 made their own pepeha 
to find out more go on our personal blogs. 😎

Animation of orbiting the sun, earth and moon by Alyssa

WALT:Create an animation of the solar system using google drawing.

What was the challenge: The challenge was when we had use the google drawing shapes to create our solar system objects.

Walt using google drawings create the different moon phases

compensating and tidy numbers

WALT:Using tidy numbers
Tidy numbers end with a 0
 -7    +7



Fluffy White Sheep

In Room 8 we created a thought cloud on google drawing and thought of something to write about.
                                                        WALT:create my text.
                                                       Increase the size of font.
                                           Give depth to the thought cloud culture.
                                      Replace the colour of the fill to clear not blue.